I’ve found, from past experience, that there are two main reasons why bloggers are afraid to work with brands.

1. They’re not sure how/not confident/afraid of rejection

2. They’re afraid of “selling out” or being judged by their audience when they have sponsored posts.

The first reason is covered in detail in my Pitch Like a Pro course, so I’d suggest you head straight over there to check it out if this sounds like you.

If, however, you’re worried about the second — listen up.

What Do You Owe Your Audience?

You, as a blogger and content creator, owe your audience one thing: honesty. You don’t owe them a certain number of posts a week, you don’t owe them a full insight into every single second of your life, and you don’t OWE them a non-sponsored environment.

Sure, you probably shouldn’t publish one non-sponsored posts for every 10 brand deals. Yes, it’s nice to thank the people who support you and do your best to push out regular posts that they may find helpful. Your audience is important and a wonderful source of community, but you only owe them honesty.

For some people, sponsored posts are what pay their bills and let them blog full time. They are the reasons parents can stay home with children. They are a tool that some use to get out of their soul-sucking 9 to 5 job and live the life they want. They help build a blogger’s belief in themselves and in their ability to work as a professional in this crazy online world.

It probably sounds a bit callous, to seem to dismiss your audience like that, but know that I’m not saying that your audience isn’t important. Of course they are! Without them, your blog would just be a personal diary on the internet. Your audience matters!

Except they don’t get to tell you how to live your life online. Only you get to decide that.

You get to decide which brand deals you take. You get to decide who you are comfortable working with, if anyone. You get to decide how many sponsored posts you write in a week or a month or a year. If your audience doesn’t like sponsored posts just because they’re sponsored, that’s absolutely fine! There are many times when I see that a post is sponsored and move on. But equally, there are many times when the blogger writes in an authentic and engaging way in a sponsored post and I read the whole thing, laughing or crying with them the whole way!

Don’t be afraid of what your audience will think. Just be honest with them. Let them know why you do sponsored posts, what it means to you, and ask for their support.

Trust me when I say that more often than not, you’ll find that your audience rallies around you and your goals, ready to encourage you reach the next goal in your journey – sponsored or not.

Why Brands Don't Want to Say No to You

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